Day: November 18, 2021

are deer dangerous to dogs

Are Deer Dangerous to Dogs?

Many property owners stay vigilant when it comes to deer because of a concern that their dog will be attacked. However, which of these animals is the aggressor when it comes to a potential exchange? Normally, deer are not aggressive animals. They are not predators, so naturally, they have no reason to be aggressive towards …

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deer anatomy

Deer Anatomy 101: Ultimate Guide

Hunting isn’t only a fulfilling sport for riflemen who partake in the hunt for the trophy; it’s also an efficient way to provide food for your family. Many civilizations that have occupied our continent have relied on herds of deer to provide nourishment for their loved ones. One particular civilization, the Native American Indian tribes, …

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do deer eat watermelon

Do Deer Eat Watermelon?

When homeowners feed deer from their backyards, fruit is often incorporated into the mix. Watermelon is a particularly large fruit, usually leaving behind a substantial amount of leftovers. One watermelon could potentially feed a high number of deer, so it’s no wonder why homeowners consider using these fruits as part of their feed regimen for …

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can deer eat bread

Can Deer Eat Bread?

Many non-hunters and property owners enjoy feeding deer during the fall and winter seasons when many herds move. It’s not uncommon for these deer-loving homeowners to leave buckets of various food to lure deer into the backyard for an up-close experience with them.  While there’s nothing wrong with this practice, it’s important to understand what …

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how to count deer points

How to Count Deer Points

Taking down a buck can be one of the most exciting moments in the life of a young hunter. The thrill and adrenaline rush of this first-time accomplishment are literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for any deer hunting enthusiast. However, deer must be a certain age and size to constitute a “shooter.” Otherwise, it’s important that …

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