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Where Do Deer Sleep?

Have you ever wondered where deer sleep when they have a few minutes to do so? Human hunters may have heard that deer can be found sleeping near sources of water and food resources. This is true, but the answer is a bit more in-depth. Deer choose bedding areas where they feel safe and well …

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Can Deer Smell Corn?

Can Deer Smell Corn? A deer’s sense of smell is impressive. Their sense of smell is acute enough that it can pick up on humans and other predators. When the wind direction is right, they can pick up on scents even from up to half a mile away with relative ease. Of course, this doesn’t …

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How Long Are Deer Pregnant?

When hunting deer, it’s always important to know as much about the animal as possible. This can give you a better understanding of when it’s the right time to hunt, and when it’s not a good time. Of course, understanding the laws in your location for when it’s legal to hunt will be essential. Knowing …

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Why Do Deer Run Into Cars?

Lots of people who live in rural areas will have plenty of stories about seeing deer while they are out driving. They might be on the sides of the road in fields or the woods. However, just about everyone has a story about deer crossing in front of them. It’s usually quite jarring when it …

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How Fast Can a Deer Run?

How fast can a deer run? Deer might not be the fastest land animal in existence, but this doesn’t mean they are slouches in the speed category either. They can sprint at incredible speeds and it can seem like they can disappear in the blink of an eye. Whether you are trying to photograph deer …

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