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Parts of a Recurve Bow

If you’re just getting started in archery, it can be hard to keep up with all of the rules, tools, and methods for properly enjoying this sport. Even something as simple as a standard recurve bow can seem foreign, at least until you take the time to do a little studying. In this guide, we’ll …

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Plate Carrier Accessories

You decided to invest in a personal plate carrier for body protection. Don’t stop there– your plate carrier is much more than a defense against assault; it is a tool for carrying tactical gear that adds to your protection. There are many different features you can look for when purchasing your plate carrier, as well as …

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Can Civilians Own Body Armor?

You keep your Glock by the bedside in case home invaders attack during the night, and you have your motion cameras recording at all times, but are you prepared if a disgruntled employee shows up at the office and starts shooting? It’s not unheard of; say “going postal,” and more than half the people in …

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How to Make a Gas Mask

The world around you is constantly changing. Personal protection and self-defense gear are some of the most important things you can invest in for your and your family’s safety. If a chemical bomb were dropped near your home, are you prepared to be able to breathe without getting sick? It’s not very likely that you …

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How to Wash a Plate Carrier

Walking around with the weight of a plate carrier on your body is bound to make you break out in a smelly sweat that penetrates through your undershirt and to the plate carrier. Eventually, the vest is going to smell and have stains. What do you do? Toss it in the washer and dryer? Not …

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How to Aim a Bow and Arrow

Archery can be an enjoyable sport, or hobby, for several different types of people. Of course, it’s much more enjoyable when you are familiar with what you are doing. There is a lot involved in learning how to shoot a bow, but the aim is one of the most important elements. After all, if you …

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How to Nock an Arrow

For those who are looking to perfect their form with a bow, whether it be a standard bow, a crossbow, or any other, learning how to nock an arrow is critical. The trajectory and force of the shot depend on the arrow being properly seated before release. This often-overlooked step is more important than people …

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