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Outdoor adventurer and curious soul, I decided to create this Native Compass to talk about the great outdoors. Welcome!

best plate carrier

Top 10 Plate Carriers for 2020

Have you been searching for a new tactical plate carrier vest that you can use to provide yourself with a little added protection? When you are in the field hunting, at the range, or doing anything that involves shooting, having a quality chest rig and plate carrier can provide you with some additional safety, as …

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best combat boots

Top 10 Combat Boots for 2020

The best combat boots, also known as military boots, are much more than just a simple fashion trend. These boots need to offer durability and be capable of getting you through a long day of marching, walking, or standing. The best army combat boots come in many models and offer a larger variety of features. …

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best gas mask

Top 9 Best Gas Masks for 2020

When you need the best gas mask or air-purifying respirator, you want to be sure that it can protect you in a worst-case scenario. Pretty much everyone can benefit from owning a mask in case of a survival situation. All of us need clean air in order to live and gas masks can offer that …

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