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Outdoor adventurer and curious soul, I decided to create this Native Compass to talk about the great outdoors. Welcome!

best rangefinder

Top 17 Best Rangefinders for 2020

If you’ve ever been disappointed when you miss a shot or two on a great target while hunting, what might help is having the best rangefinder. Rangefinders are innovative tools that have gone through a considerable evolution in the last few decades. These gadgets started out as tools to use along with cameras. As the …

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best tomahawk

Top 12 Tomahawks for 2020

When people think of being out in the wilderness and trying to survive, or even if they are just out camping and hunting, they don’t always think about having a tactical tomahawk along with them. In fact, there are likely many out there who have no idea what a tactical tomahawk is or how to …

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best hachet

Top 11 Hatchets for 2020

Hatchets, sometimes called a camp axe or a hand axe, should be considered an essential part of a person’s camping gear. In fact, even those who might simply be going out on just a day hike might want to consider getting a quality hatchet to take along with them, just in case they end up …

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