9 Best Bow Releases for 2022

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Once you’ve put together enough money to get an excellent compound bow, there’s another purchase that can greatly increase your arrow launching abilities. Before you head out into the woods to start hunting, having the best possible performance is crucial. Having an excellent bow trigger release is one of the things that can add to your abilities and make hunting a whole lot of fun.

Having the right bow release not only offers you extra control but also gives you the chance to fine-tune your gear so you can get a smoother, cleaner shot with improved accuracy. However, choosing the best bow release can be a bit of a challenge when there are so many options on the market. That’s why we wanted to share the best options out there and provide the details you need to ensure the one you buy has all the features you care about.

In addition to showing you our top nine bow releases for the year, we’ll also give you insight into what features and components matter most when looking at a bow release. By the time we’re done looking over all these things, you will have a shortlist of bow releases that might work well for you. You’ll also have the knowledge you need to look at any bow release and decide if it’s right for your needs.

Our Top Bow Release List: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

TruFire Hardcore Buckle FoldbackTruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release10.5 x 5.2 x 1.8 Inches4 OuncesCHECK LATEST PRICE
Scott Archery Caliper BowScott Archery Caliper Bow Release Buckle StrapSeveral Sizes Available1.2 PoundsCHECK LATEST PRICE
Tru-Fire Hardcore BuckleTruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Max10.5 x 5.2 x 1.8 Inches6.4 OuncesCHECK LATEST PRICE
Scott Archery LonghornScott Archery Longhorn Hunter Release 10 x 6 x 1.2 Inches10.4 OuncesCHECK LATEST PRICE
Spot Hogg WiseguySpot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle11.1 x 5 x 2.3 Inches2.4 OuncesCHECK LATEST PRICE
Scott Archery LittleScott Archery Little Goose Release Buckle Strap10 x 6 x 1.2 Inches4.8 OuncesCHECK LATEST PRICE
TRUGLO DetonatorTruGlo Detonator Ultra-Smooth Single Jaw Archery Release12 x 7 x 2 Inches5.8 OuncesCHECK LATEST PRICE
Quick Shot ArcheryScott Archery Quick Shot Archery Release Aid9.8 x 6 x 1.2 Inches4 OuncesCHECK LATEST PRICE
Tru-Fire HardcoreTruFire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release8.2 x 5.2 x 1.5 Inches4 OuncesCHECK LATEST PRICE

TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release

TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback

The TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback is a great model for archers who are moving on from an entry-level model. It is a highly customizable model where you can adjust settings to meet your specific preferences. As an example, it allows you to make the trigger sensitivity heavy or light. The wrist strap also includes holes so you can make it as tight or loose as you like.

Beyond the versatility of this bow release, it’s also very comfortable for most people. It has a leather strap that is well padded to prevent discomfort even when hunting for long periods. It also offers a foldback head, so it won’t be in the way even when you aren’t actively using it.



Scott Archery Caliper Bow Release Buckle Strap

Scott Archery Caliper Bow

The dual caliper bow release from Scott Archery is the original and it is just as useful now as it was when it was first released. This version comes with a camouflage design that will fit right in when out in the woods doing some bow hunting. For those who prefer something understated, it can also come in a black color.

This bow release offers a swivel connector and a knurled triggers which make it a great option for a dependable archery setup. It has a trigger with a sensitivity adjustment so you can customize the trigger pull. The dual caliper release head has a symmetrical design for even friction to make it simple to tune. This offers better adjustability and works well for heavy trigger settings.



TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Max

Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle

The TruFire Hardcore Max is part of the new upgrades to the Hardcore line and comes with premium features an archer is bound to love. This bow release makes it simple to release trigger pressure and makes that separate from travel. Trigger pressure can be anywhere from three to 16 ounces and changes can be made by twisting a screw.

This bow release has additional padding and a wider strap for the best comfort possible. The head pivots up to 20 degrees side-to-side for release head alignment and torque-free shooting. It also has a deep-jaw design to keep the jaw from falling off of the string loops. It will reset itself automatically after every shot that is taken.



Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter Release

Scott Archery Longhorn

If you’re someone who deals with target panic, the Scott Archery Longhorn could be the answer you’ve been looking for. It is easy to use and only takes a little while to learn how to use to fire accurately. Compared to other models in the range, it isn’t as complicated to use. This makes it a great bow release for a beginner or intermediate archer.

This release is well-made with a heavy brass handle along with a hinge and clicker feature that lets you know the bow is about to fire. It is also designed to offer comfort when shooting for long hours. The tapered handle keeps the grip consistent to enhance your shooting form.



Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle

Spot Hogg Wiseguy

The Spot Hogg Wiseguy is a popular wrist release system that is comfortable and simple to use. Whether you are shooting at targets in a competition, going out to hunt, or practicing in your backyard, the release will offer comfort and accuracy as you make shots. As far as trigger systems go, this one has a sensitive forward trigger which helps with better groups. It also has very little trigger travel if any at all.

Along with the fail-safe trigger, this bow release is easy to use courtesy of the quick loading jaw. Unlike most of the wrist releases on the market, this one is simple to attach the D-lop to the hook. It can also have its length adjusted without much trouble on the part of the user.



Scott Archery Little Goose Release Buckle Strap

Scott Archery Little

Those who want a huge improvement to archery with the inclusion of one accessory are going to enjoy the Scott Archery Little Goose. It is a single caliper option that manages to offer some of the best performance possible. This is a great option for those who care deeply about durability and adjustability in their bow releases. It is made of high-quality materials to offer great value for the money you spend.

Another perk of this release is that it is made of leather with five length adjustments. It also has an excellent trigger system for long draw lengths. On top of that, it has a micro-adjustment screw that helps you with the sensitivity of your pull. As far as wrist releases go, this is one of the most popular you will find out there today.



TruGlo Detonator Ultra-Smooth Single Jaw Archery Release

TRUGLO Detonator

Another great archery release is the TruGlo Detonator. It offers strong materials like nylon, stainless steel, and leather to offer reliability for years to come. It has a trigger in the forward position, which is done to offer an increased firing speed. The firing jaw is made of stainless steel and can last for decades with proper maintenance.

The jaw is easy to release so you can fire and reload in next to no time. The design of this bow release is a hook release which is created to reset after each time you pull the trigger. As far as comfort goes, it can easily be worn throughout the entire day without trouble since it has an ergonomic design.



Scott Archery Quick Shot Archery Release Aid

Quick Shot Archery

When it comes to affordable and reliable bow releases, there are few that can stand up to the Scott Archery Quick Shot. It has a high degree of accuracy no matter what kind of shooting you like to do. It offers a single-caliper design with a roller sear design that leads to crisp trigger activation. It comes with a leather buckle strap and a rope connector that is adjustable enough to use for an archer of any size.

This quick bow release was created to be simple to use right out of the box. Each of the releases has been worked on by trained technicians to ensure the appropriate level of tension and travel. As with other Scott products, this one will last a long time and continue to be dependable the entire time.



TruFire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release

Tru-Fire Hardcore

The Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution from TruFire offers all the same features as the original Hardcore 4 Finger but with several new features. It features a 360-degree head rotation that can be locked into any position you want. There are 11 ball bearings to ensure smooth rotation of the head. It also has a trigger knob with 16 different positions that can be used.

The travel and trigger tension can both be adjusted independently by using the set screw on the bow release. There is also an adjustable lanyard so you can keep the release on you at all times if you want to, not just when it is in use. This release can be used on either hand so anyone can use it with ease.



Choosing the Perfect Bow Release for Your Needs

The biggest decision you will need to make regarding a bow release is what kind of style you prefer between a grip (three or four finger) or a wrist strap model. The different models can have unique features, but this basic distinction is the most important thing to get right when choosing a bow release that works well for you.

Style of Bow Release

The most popular option is a wrist release model since they tend to be quick and easy to adjust, reliable, and comfortable. These also tend to be inexpensive compared to grip releases. In most cases, the release mechanism on these is adjustable so you can reduce torque or fine-tune trigger pressure on the shots you make.

A wrist release tends to be reliable and give a great deal of control, which tends to work well for a beginner or intermediate hunter. Most of these models will have Velcro or buckle straps. There is no one style that has a significant advantage, but you can decide fairly easily which will be more comfortable on your hand when spending a day shooting your bow.

Even though a wrist release is the most popular option, many archers are starting to switch to a hand release model instead. This model offers better adjustability, greater versatility, and more sensitivity than a wrist release. This makes it ideal for a competition archer or anyone who is looking for the best of the best.

Using a grip model has a benefit in that it helps minimize target panic, which means the inclination to start releasing arrows even if you aren’t ready to. Because tension is used to shoot arrows instead of a trigger, the arrow is only going to fly when tension pulls your thumb to press on the release mechanism.

bow releases for archery

Features to Be Aware Of

Since there are tons of bow releases available on the market today, it can be challenging to choose the right one. One of the first things to consider is the quality of the construction. It might sound like this would be too detailed to worry about, but looking for items like a smooth finish, aluminum construction, padded wrist straps, and a quality trigger mechanism is more than enough. You can assume these items will lead to a bow release that lasts for years without problems.

Another important thing to consider is the length adjustment available with a strap release. Everyone has a different hand size, so one release might be great for you and awful for someone else. If you notice that you are straining to reach the trigger, it is going to be hard to accurately shoot. A bow release that has an adjustable length can be altered to fit you.

Taking a look at the release mechanism is also a great idea when choosing a bow release. Some of them are capable of working on all sorts of different strings, while others have specific uses only.

As far as the arrow nocking area, there are only a few ways to set this up. A metal nock that may or may not have a rubber eliminator button underneath the nock is the most traditional method. There is also a system with a rope tied to a string that forms a D loop. A metal fastener system is also available with a single or double ball system.

A standard caliper release is ideal for most setups but those using rope may want to choose a release designed specifically for that situation. When you are using a metal nock on a string, most of the caliper releases will work just done.


Bow releases are a part of modern archery today and that is a great thing. They offer the potential for a cleaner release of the arrow and are more consistent for most archers than fingers. There are tons of styles and models on the market, but once you know your style and preferences along with the setup of your bow, you can make a great decision. Whether that is one of the releases above or not is up to you!

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