Top 6 Best Cellular Trail Cameras for 2021

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best cellular trail camera

Trail cameras have become a very popular option among hunters thanks to the benefits they can provide when it comes to learning about game. Landowners who are curious about what animals are frequenting their property, and who may want to know if they have trespassers, have also taken to using trail cams. They are a handy tool, and it can be very fun to go back through the photos and videos to see what’s happening with all of the wild animals that pass by the camera.

While there are many options for trail cameras on the market today, many of them have a major weakness that makes them more of a pain to use. Namely, if you want to access those photos and videos, you will need to interact with the trail cam physically. This means you have to trek out to wherever you might have set up the camera and then pick up the information.

One of the best options to get around this issue is to use a cellular trail camera instead of a traditional trail camera. When you choose from and use the best cellular trail cameras, they will be able to email or text pictures that the trail cam takes and then send them right to your phone. As long as the cameras can pick up a cellular signal, they can send you the pictures and video.

When you can have the camera send pictures to you, it means you don’t have to spend quite as much time tending to the trail cam. Of course, with the large number of cellular trail cameras that are on the market today, it can sometimes be difficult to know which of the game camera options you should choose. After all, you do want to make sure that you are only choosing the best cellular trail camera.

Below, we have collected the 6 best cellular trail camera options on the market today, so you don’t have to. Below, you can learn more about the features that each of these cameras can offer. In addition, you can learn more about how you can use these game cameras, tips for setting them up on the trails, how to choose the right option, and more.

The Best Cellular Trail Camera

Moultrie Mobile XV7000i CellularMoultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail CameraVersion12 AA batteriesCHECK LATEST PRICE
CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail CamerasCreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail CameraAT&T8 AA batteriesCHECK LATEST PRICE
CreativeXP LTE 4G Cellular Trail CamerasCreativeXP LTE 4G Cellular Trail CameraAT&T 12 AA batteriesCHECK LATEST PRICE
Covert Blackhawk LTE
Covert Blackhawk LTE
Spartan 2019 New GoCamSpartan Ghost 4G/LTE GC-W4GbVerizon6 or 12 (1.2 to 1.5v) AA batteries, or optional 12v external power.CHECK LATEST PRICE
Moultrie M8000i Invisible FlashMoultrie M8000iAT&T or Verizon8 AA batteriesCHECK LATEST PRICE

Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular Trail Camera

Moultrie Mobile XV7000i Cellular

Moultrie is one of the most popular names in trail cameras today, and you will find that they make the list several times. This model operates on the Verizon 4G network and can provide 20-megapixel images, as well as 1080p video, which can then be sent right to your phone or other devices. This allows you to get the images that you need from your devices as soon as they appear. It has a multi-shot mode and provides the moon chase, and much more.

The XV7000i cellular trail camera is easily one of the best options on the market thanks to all of the features it can offer. It has a 0.3-second trigger speed, along with invisible flash, which should not scare off the animals. The camera features an 80’ detection and flash range, ILLUMI-NIGHT 2 Sensor, and more, which can provide you with incredible images taken even at night. Not only will you be able to have the images and video sent to your phone, tablet, or computer, but you can also use the camera with the Moultrie Mobile App.



CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Camera

CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras

The 3G cellular trail camera can provide a range of features that help to make it one of the best options available for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts today. It has full-HD night vision with a range of 65’, and it can provide clear 1080P videos and 12-megapixel photos during the day or at night. The system comes with a free SIMHERO card, which uses AT&T cell towers, and this option includes a free 32GB SD card.

The camera has a 0.4-second trigger time. It has NO-GLOW IR LEDs, as well, which means there is less of a chance for wildlife to actually see and notice the camera at night. The camera is easy to use, and there are no yearly contracts. It is a lightweight and easy to use camera.



CreativeXP LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera

CreativeXP LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras

CreativeXP is on the list again, this time with a 4G camera. The camera can provide full HD night vision with a range of 65’, like the camera above. It can provide clear 12-megapixel photos and 1080P video day or night, and the photos and videos will instantly be sent to your email or your phone. This option also includes a free SIMHERO card and a free 32 GM SD card.

The wireless trail camera provides reliable cellular capabilities, and it has 56 NO-GLOW IR LEDs, so animals and trespassers will not be able to see the camera. The cameras can stand up to the weather and provide you with quality images and video for many years to come. The batteries can last for months before needing to be replaced, which means you have to spend less time worrying about maintaining your trail cam.



Covert Blackhawk LTE

Covert Blackhawk LTE

Hunters and property owners who are looking for an affordable, high-quality game camera will find the Covert Blackhawk to be a good option. It provides 14-megapixel still images and 1280×720 video. The unit offers a time-lapse mode for long-term observation, as well. The device can take SD memory cards up to 64GB.

One of the standout features of the Covert Blackhawk is the IR range. It has 60 invisible LEDs, which can provide a 100’ range. This can provide a lot more vision in the dark, which can be useful for hunters, as well as those who may be looking for trespassers or problem animals on their land.

The game camera can send the images and videos instantly using the AT&T cellular network. The HD video will even contain sound. The trigger speed is on the slower side at 0.7 seconds, but it is still quite fast and should have no trouble capturing what you need. The cellular game camera also has a 2” color viewer, which makes it easy to control the settings and to view images when you are out in the field at the camera.



Spartan Ghost 4G/LTE GC-W4Gb

Spartan 2019 New GoCam

The Spartan Ghost uses the Verizon 4G/LTE network and provides a range of benefits and features for the user. The system has a long battery life, it is easy to install and to use, and it will work anywhere that there is cellular coverage. The pictures can even be transmitted with AES 256-bit encryption for those who may want to have some added security.

You will be able to view the images and video that is sent to you using the web portal, the mobile app, or through your email. The camera also has GPS, which can help you to locate the camera that you have set up. This can be helpful in the event that the camera is moved or stolen. The camera is high-quality and durable, and you can find bundles that include SD cards and even microfiber towels.



Moultrie M8000i

Moultrie M8000i Invisible Flash

Moultrie is on the list again with the M8000i, the invisible flash trail camera. This camera can provide 20-megapixel images and full HD videos. The flash is invisible, which ensures that the animals aren’t scared off and that trespassers do not see where your camera is located. As with other options from Moultrie, this has 80’ detection and flash range, and you will be happy to note that it has a 0.3-second trigger speed. It is possible to use either AT&T or Verizon when you also use the Moultrie Mobile Field Modem.

The product offers a long battery life, as well as a two-year warranty. Get clear images and video sent right to your email or your phone quickly and easily once you have this set up and running.



Ways to Use Cellular Game Cameras

How are you going to be using your cellular game camera? Naturally, one of the most prominent uses of game cameras today is for hunters. Those who are interested in hunting certain areas and who want to see what type of wildlife frequents the area will set up one or perhaps several of these cellular trail cameras in the area. They will then check the camera to see what types of wildlife might have triggered a photo or video to being taken.

Of course, you don’t have to be a hunter to get a lot of use out of these types of game cameras. You will also be able to use the cameras if you simply want to record some wildlife. You can often get some very interesting and fun photos and videos that you can share with family and friends.

You will find that the cameras can also work very well for those who require a better way or monitoring their property. Whether they have a farm, a ranch, or simply a house that’s in a rural location, having some extra eyes around is always helpful. There’s no telling what’s lurking in the dark that could be causing problems for your livestock or your dogs.

Monitoring your area can provide you with some added security, particularly when you have a cellular game camera. They will allow you to know what types of animals or people might be on the property, so you can act quickly. For example, if you have chickens, and you get an alert that a pack of coyotes has crossed into your fields and is headed toward the coop, you can turn on the lights to spook them or head out to take care of them.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can use trail cameras today. However, you will also want to get a better understanding of why so many people are choosing cellular cameras.

The Main Benefits of Cellular Trail Cameras

You naturally have a busy life, and as much as you might like to be able to get out and check on all of your trail cams every few days, that’s not always feasible. If you have trail cameras that are on a large property, or that are far away from where you reside, it is not easy to get to them to check them regularly. However, not knowing what’s on those cameras could be costing you. This is why cellular game cameras have become more popular. They work similarly to other types of game cameras, but these rely on the cellular network to send images and videos to your email or phone right after they have been taken.

This means you will instantly know what’s happening around the camera. You can enjoy the experience of accessing the photos and videos from the comfort of your own home – or just about anywhere else as long as there is a cellular connection. This cuts down on the amount of time you spend tending to cameras. You will find that most have a long battery life, as well. They can last several months without needing to have the batteries replaced. Of course, if they are recording a substantial amount of video, the batteries could run out more quickly.

Hunters don’t want to have to go to their camera any more often than is absolutely needed. Constantly running to the camera every week or two to check on images is going to end up scaring off the deer and other game, and it could make them permanently shy of the area. Since they will only have to arrive and set up the system and SIM card, and then change the batteries every few months, it helps to ensure that the natural world gets back to normal faster. You will have the information you need about the animals in the area, you will get to know their patterns, and it can make for a better and more successful hunt.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Cellular Trail Cameras?

What about the drawbacks? When it comes to the disadvantages of cellular game cams, there really aren’t many. One of the only issues is the cost of paying for the additional cellular plan, so you can get the images and video sent to your phone. If you want to have several of these cameras, keep in mind that each one is going to need its own cellular plan.

There is also the danger of theft with these cameras. They are high-quality and people like to own them. Make sure that you have marked your camera with your name and opt for a solution that offers GPS if you are worried about theft in your area. In addition, you can reduce the risk of theft by putting the cameras in locations that are not easy to find. As it is camouflage trail cams can already be difficult to find.

Why Cellular Trail Cameras Are Better than Standard Wireless Trail Cameras

When you start shopping for cellular game cameras, you will come across options that are called wireless trail cameras. It is important to keep in mind that these are not the same thing at all. The wireless game cams are not connected to the cellular network, so you will not be able to get the image and video sent to your phone or email while you are at home. Instead, these types of cameras will have a range and when you are withing that range, you can have the data sent to your phone, so you can access it. The range of these cameras is only about 60′ to 70′, so they are not quite as beneficial as the cellular game cams in most cases. The wireless game cams have their uses, but they will be limited for most hunters.

When you are choosing a game camera, you will want to make sure you are getting a cellular camera if you want to be able to add a SIM card and get information while you are nowhere near the camera.

Tips for Setting Your Trail Cams Up in the Right Locations

You want to get the most action for your cellular trail camera, and that means you will need to know where to place those cameras. If you have cameras that are in locations where animals don’t frequent, you aren’t going to get many pictures of video. You might get an errant bird or a curious squirrel, but you won’t be getting deer, bear, mountain lions, wolves, or anything else that lives in your area.

Think about the types of locations where animals are going to be visiting, and then set up your cameras in those areas. For example, animals need food and water, so you will want to have cameras that are located near the water or a food source. If you also have a deer feeder, for example, you might want to set up the camera in that location. It can give you a better idea of the movements of the deer and other animals. Setting up on game trails and near wallows can be helpful, as well.

Those who aren’t hunting and who want to see the animals that are moving across their farm or ranch will want to look for tracks and signs of how those animals are getting onto the property. If you have a coyote problem, find coyote sign and aim the cameras in the direction where they seem to be most active. Try to think about how the animals think and then set up your trail cams in locations that would be most appealing to them.

Find the Best Cellular Trail Cam Today

Cellular trail cameras have really changed the way that people are using game cameras, and they could help to make your life easier, as well. Above are some of the best cellular trail camera options you will find today. Take the time to think about where you will be using your cameras, and then find the one that will work the best for your needs.

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