9 Best Crossbow Scopes for 2022

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Even if you have a top-of-the-line crossbow and all the accessories you could want, if you have a less than exceptional crossbow scope, you may not make all the shots you would like to when hunting. The best crossbow scopes will ensure your shots end up with hits instead of misses. While many crossbows come with a scope, they often aren’t of a high enough quality to improve your shooting.

The good news is that there are lots of crossbow scopes on the market, but that can also be an issue when it comes down to choosing which is the absolute best crossbow scope. Because of that, we wanted to share our reviews of the nine best crossbow scopes for 2020. You can get an idea of what each of them offers and make your decision based on your specific needs.

We’ll also provide information about the important things to look for when choosing a scope for your bow, such as the weight of the scope, the type it is, and what magnification and optics options are provided. You’ll be ready to purchase a scope that fits your lifestyle by the time you’re done reading. But first, take a look at the products we’ll be reviewing below.

Our Top Crossbow Scope Picks: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

 NameWeightMagnification & Optics 
UTG 4X32 1UTG 4X32 1-Inch Crossbow Scope, Pro 5-Step RGB Reticle1.59 Pounds4X32CHECK LATEST PRICE
Hawke Sport OpticsHawke Sport Optics 12221 XB1 Vari-Speed SR IR Crossbow Scope13 Ounces5X32CHECK LATEST PRICE
1.5-5x32 Crossbow Scope1.5-5X32 Crossbow Scope, 20-100 Yards Ballistic Reticle, 300 FPS – 425 FPS Speed Adjustment Red Green Illuminated Mount Included1.5 Pounds5X32CHECK LATEST PRICE
Hawke XB 3x32 Crossbow ScopeHawke XB 3X32 Crossbow Scope11 Ounces3X32CHECK LATEST PRICE
TRUGLO Crossbow ScopeTRUGLO Crossbow Scope 4X321.03 Pounds4X32CHECK LATEST PRICE
NIKW9 Prostaff P3 CrossbowNIKW9 Prostaff P3 Crossbow 3X32 Matte BDC 6010.9 Ounces3X32CHECK LATEST PRICE
Hammers CompactHammers Compact Red/Blue Illuminated Multi-Line Reticle Crossbow Scope 4X321.2 Pounds4X32CHECK LATEST PRICE
Barnett Cross ScopeBarnett Cross Scope 4X32 Multi-Reticle 170608 Ounces4X32CHECK LATEST PRICE
TenPoint HCA-097TenPoint HCA-097-II 3X Pro-View 2 Crossbow 40mm7.2 Ounces3X32CHECK LATEST PRICE

UTG 4X32 1-Inch Crossbow Scope, Pro 5-Step RGB Reticle

UTG 4X32 1

Those who are looking for the best scope for a reasonable price to use while hunting will want to consider the UTG 4X32 Crossbow Scope instead of a stock scope. This manufacturer has recently improved its line of products to offer extremely powerful models that are affordable for those on a budget.

This scope item comes with a 4X magnification ideal for a crossbow and a 32mm objective lens diameter for a clear, bright picture. This is an easy-to-use fixed model that is compact so you can transport it wherever you go. It has a reticle with five horizontal lines for 10-50 yards. This makes it a great choice for estimating and compensating for range.

This optic also has an illuminated reticle in red and green so you can use it while in any kind of condition. The reticle is also glass-etched, so even if the battery gives up on you, you can still use the black reticle to continue hunting and shooting.

The UTG 4X32 offers detachable scope rings, which you are likely to appreciate. They make it simple to mount the scope and you’ll have peace of mind that things will stay secure. Anyone who wants an excellent scope without spending a bundle on it will want to take a look at this for their crossbow.



Hawke Sport Optics 12221 XB1 Vari-Speed SR IR Crossbow Scope

Hawke Sport Optics

Some people who are shopping for the best scope have multiple bows and need versatility. This Hawke Sport Optics 12221 XB1 is a great choice if you count yourself in their numbers. It can be used for speeds from 270 to 425 feet per second (FPS), which means it offers what you need as a fast shooter to improve.

Another place this score excels at is when it comes to magnification. While many of the models on the market offer 2X-4X magnification, this scope takes it a step farther to provide 5X magnification. It also includes light gathering and field of view capabilities, so you can use it in any kind of environment.

This scope has a field of view at 100 yards that ranges from 22.5 to 75 feet when hunting. It offers a high level of light transmission to improve your shooting and enhances the sighted image through the scope to ensure it works well, even in dark locations. You can make the reticles red or green, depending on need, with five different intensity levels that you can easily adjust.

You will find it’s easy to install this item, and adjusting the velocity doesn’t require tools. Once you put in the velocity, the scope will automatically change to the ideal magnification level to save you time and effort.



1.5-5X32 Crossbow Scope, 20-100 Yards Ballistic Reticle, 300 FPS – 425 FPS Speed Adjustment Red Green Illuminated Mount Included

1.5-5x32 Crossbow Scope

Another of the best budget crossbow scopes on the market for hunting is provided by MA3TY. This bow scope has a range of magnification options from 1.5X all the way to 5X, which means it offers more magnification than most other choices on the market.

You can zoom in and out at the same time as you change the speed from 300 to 425 FPS, something not found on stock scopes. It has a 32mm objective lens and offers more flexibility and challenge than a 3X32 or 4X32 scope would.

This item has multi-layer coated lenses, which is the gold standard for crossbow scopes. It offers a light transmission of 93% so you can make a tough shot on a moving target quickly, no matter what kind of environment you happen to be in.

Other features that make it stand out include it being waterproof up to nearly 20 feet, impact resistant to 1,000G, and fog proof. It has a ballistic reticle with both red and green illumination and a wide-angle lens so you can catch every movement of a target.



Hawke XB 3X32 Crossbow Scope

Hawke XB 3x32 Crossbow Scope

The Hawke XB 3X32 is 8.5 inches long and comes in a one-inch tube. It is slightly heavier than some at 11 ounces, but the quality and value of the scope more than make up for that factor. It’s a 3X scope, which is ideal for most deer hunting excursions using a crossbow. The design of the reticles and optics are well done and easy to use.

This scope has fully multi-coated optics to offer a crisp, clear picture with more than enough contract. The reticles let you aim at 20 yards to 50 yards at 300 FPS. Each point is a small circle based on the distance so you can take a confident shot when your scope is sighted in properly.

If you plan to engage in lots of hunting in low light, it has the best light gathering and both red and green illumination with several settings. It works well even in situations like dawn or when the environment is overcast.

It uses only a single battery, and you won’t need to replace it on a regular basis like you might with stock items. It also has a field of view of just over 50 feet which is great for small and medium-sized game.



TRUGLO Crossbow Scope 4X32

TRUGLO Crossbow Scope

TRUGLO offers a wide selection of budget optics, and this crossbow scope is no exception to the rule. It offers a fixed power magnification of 4X32mm, which is ideal for standard crossbow ranges. You can easily zoom in to see targets that are far away.

This item is made from a durable aircraft-grade aluminum that should last longer than traditional aluminum. It offers a four-inch eye relief, which should be more than large enough for most people. It’s easy to mount and has a large deal of adjustment potential so you can set it up the way that works best for you.

The reticle with this TRUGLO scope is innovative and offers one of the best range-finding features. It is also dialed in to the most common FPS readings for crossbow bolts. That means the reticle is going to compensate for bolt drop and distance. This will make it easier than ever to take long shots while hunting.

One of the things that isn’t present with the reticle is illumination, so it might not be the best crossbow scope for low light situations. However, if you’re willing to accept that, it does come at a great price.



NIKW9 Prostaff P3 Crossbow 3X32 Matte BDC 60

NIKW9 Prostaff P3 Crossbow

The NIKW9 Prostaff comes fully-coated so you can be sure you’ll get the best, bright images each time you use it. The optics allow for superior light transmission no matter what time of day it is. Even at dawn or dusk, the scope will help you see everything around you clearly.

Like some of the other scopes on the list, this model offers a fixed 3X magnification. This is the optimal magnification for a crossbow, but it also may mean you need to move around to find the most suitable place to use it. This might be a dealbreaker for some, but for most, the value will make up for that.

The Prostaff P3 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which means it is going to be extremely durable compared to a typical stock scope. The turret caps are even made from aluminum to cut down on any anxiety and worry. With a sturdy finish, this model also is perfect in all conditions. It is fog proof and waterproof so you can hunt whenever you like.

You might think this would be a heavy scope based on the durability, but it comes in at under 11 ounces, making it simple to transport wherever you go. In addition, it comes with clearly marked windage and elevation turrets and click-stop reticules for easy adjustments.



Hammers Compact Red/Blue Illuminated Multi-Line Reticle Crossbow Scope 4X32

Hammers Compact

There is a lot to like about the Hammers Compact Crossbow Scope, starting with the fact that it comes complete with Weaver-style rings. It also includes see-through lens covers so you can line up a shot with ease. The scope features 4X32 optics, which is one of the best choices for use with a crossbow.

Four different crosshairs can be seen on the optics so you can have various reference points in terms of yardage for less guessing while you’re shooting. There is also an illuminated reticle that can be used in red or blue. This makes it possible to use whether it’s daylight or you’re out hunting after dark. The tube of the scope is made of quality aluminum alloy with a matte finish.

The eye relief on this item is 3.5-inches and the optics are waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof so you don’t need to worry about accidents. There is a quick focus ring on the eyepiece and both windage and elevation adjustments can be made without using tools.



Barnett Cross Scope 4X32 Multi-Reticle 17060

Barnett Cross Scope

Barnett is a big name when it comes to archery gear, which means most of their products are high-quality and have a proven track record. That’s exactly what you get with the Cross Scope with Rings 17060, which offers both shock and water resistance. It also comes with dovetail mountain rings so you can put it to use as soon as you get it.

This scope is 32 millimeters and has 4X magnification, which is ideal for crossbow hunting or target shooting on the range. On top of that, it includes a multi-reticle crosshair system for easier targeting. It’s been built to be compatible with all the full-sized crossbows from the Barnett line.

Another great factor of this scope is that it comes with a lifetime limited warranty, which means you can trust the item will stand up to some abuse or wear and tear. The manufacturer has sold more than a million crossbows during their lifetime and have been in the business for more than 50 years with no signs of stopping.



TenPoint HCA-097-II 3X Pro-View 2 Crossbow 40mm

TenPoint HCA-097

Those who are looking for a compact but versatile scope with high accuracy are likely to appreciate everything the TenPoint HCA-097-II brings to the table. It is a very small scope that comes in at just 8.5-inches long, making it easy to take it anywhere you are headed. It’s the perfect size for use on any of your crossbows.

The 3X32 optics on this model are fully multi-coated, so they can stand up to whatever is thrown at them. It adds great light transmission to any time you spend outdoors hunting. You can choose between three different reticle settings while in use including illuminated green dots, illuminated red dots, or traditional black.

It is calibrated at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards, which sets it apart from many other scopes at this price level. It also comes with rings included, so there’s no need to make an additional purchase. Everything you need is ready to go in the package you get.



How to Select the Right Crossbow Scope

If you’re ready to start shopping for the best crossbow scope to improve your shooting, there are many aspects you need to be aware of. We’ll share some tips below that will assist you with narrowing down your options so you can make the right purchasing decision.

You might be wondering if you can use a traditional rifle scope for your crossbow, and while you can, it won’t give you the same quality as a scope specifically created for your crossbow. Magnification tends to be different, the objective lens size will vary, and you can expect problems from reverse recoil. However, some crossbow users prefer this kind of scope, so you can consider it with your needs.

Scope Size

You may have noticed that crossbow scopes come in a variety of sizes, but you want to select an option that is small enough to carry with all the other gear you use easily. Many people prefer a scope of a pound of less since it causes less bow balance issues.

A heavy scope can make it hard to hold a bow and make it more difficult to aim your shot to a target. It’s also recommended that you choose a scope offering a wide objective lens to help you see targets easily while being lightweight and compact in nature. This can improve the way you carry out hunting in the field.

Optics and Magnification Considerations

When you see a number on a score like “4X32,” this is referring to the magnification and optics it offers. The magnification is the first number, while the second is the optics. Keep in mind that you want a scope powerful enough to see things at a distance, but optics are also important. Having the best power doesn’t matter if the images are blurry and hard to see.

If you choose a crossbow scope with fully multi-coated lenses, it will let in plenty of light so you can see whatever you’re looking for no matter how far away it might be. A nitrogen-filled scope is another excellent choice as it prevents morning fog and dew from clouding up your objective lens. This might mean spending more time before you can use the scope, which is a waste of the money you spent on it.

Most scopes come with a reticle that helps compensate for range. This makes it easier to get in the perfect shot at any elevation or distance. The field of view also needs to be considering, so you avoid missing a shoot. A wide lens helps with this, but it can also add weight to the scope.

Ease of Use and Durability

Most of the best crossbow scopes on the market have a design that makes them easy to mount, but you should still check to be certain. You want a score that is easy to adjust and calibrate so you can focus more on your target and less on fiddling with the scope.

You may find that scopes with calibration options for wind speed and elevation are preferred over others. These scopes traditionally come with a set of small dials so you can quickly make adjustments. When you turn the dials, you will hear a click so you can be sure you made a change.

In addition to having a scope that has high accuracy and is easy to use, it also should be manufactured to stand up to use. Your scope and crossbow are going to be subject to wear and tear, so you want the scope casing to be capable of handling being banged around or dropped on occasion. Some scopes come with a storage case that can protect them when you are on the move.

Types of Crossbow Scopes to Choose From

The simplest scope you can choose is a red dot model. It doesn’t offer magnification or have fancy calibrated reticles. What it does have is a single red dot that shows you exactly where you can expect an arrow to hit. These are popular in the military since what you see is what you get.

If legal in your area, these are a great choice for the best crossbow since they are durable and have a simple aiming system that makes it easier to hit your target. However, be aware that what you pay affects what you get. Spending more can ensure you get a great scope.

Magnified crossbow scopes are another option that is increasingly popular for crossbow users looking to improve. You simply need to keep in mind that when it comes to optics, magnification helps you see better but may not make you shoot any better. However, magnification can help you with identification or picking out games in areas filled with brush.

A ballistically calibrated crossbow scope is one that has a reticle that predicts how your arrow will fly. Vertical bows with multi-pin sights are one example of a ballistically calibrated scope. There are several pins, and each offers a specific distance.

Price and Budget Considerations

When you’re in the process of choosing a scope for your crossbow to improve your shooting, there are many things to consider. Some are major, while others are minor. One of the first things you will want to think about is what your budget is. The last thing you want to do is find the best crossbow scope and then realize it’s three times the amount you wanted to spend.

Scopes can range in price from under $100 to well over $200 depending on what features they offer. Make sure you spend on the features you need while staying below your budget. Most archers do not need every bell and whistle, so prioritize the things that matter most to you.


If you’re ready to improve your hunting with a crossbow, having a high-quality scope is the perfect way to do so. The ones above offer a blend of performance and value so you can be at your best without spending a lot of money. If these aren’t quite right for you, our primer on choosing a crossbow scope may help you find the perfect option!

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