Top 8 Best Deer Carts for 2022

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You’ve had that pulse of adrenaline pulling back the trigger and a rush of excitement when you brought down a deer, but what comes next? Dragging a deer through the forest can take a lot of effort and not everyone wants to do it time and time again. That’s why having the best deer cart on the market helps you make sure you can transport your game back to your truck.

When you have a hunting cart with solid rubber wheels and heavy-duty steel construction, worrying about heavy loads is a thing of the past. Many of the top deer carts have a massive weight capacity of 500 lbs. to get your deer home. However, there are many game carts on the market so making sure your choice is dependable is a must.

Our list of the eight premier deer carts will give you an excellent place to start. Below you can view a few features about each of these carts and what they offer you.

Our Top Deer Cart Picks: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi-Use Cart

Hawk Crawler Deer

When you’re searching for the best deer cart, capacity matters. This model can hold up to 500 lbs. and could be the best choice for those who hunt big game. It can also be used as a cart for transporting logs, climbing sticks, and all sorts of other items. Instead of straps, this heavy-duty game hauler uses a sling to hold things in place.

This cart has large wheels and a low center of gravity, which makes it easy to haul game. The wheels are larger so that they can pass oven nearly any kind of terrain while remaining stable and hauling large deer. This deer cart also has a unique axle design to prevent getting stuck in tough terrain. The wheels attach to it and the axle can pivot up to 360 degrees.

This big game hauler can be attached to a motorbike or bicycle for easy transport. It is also easy to fold into dimensions of 31 x 42 inches, so secure storage is possible in your car or truck. The cart comes with a long handle so pulling it along behind you after a kill is easy, even when it’s fully loaded. However, it does have a higher weight than some carts, which might be challenging for some hunters.



Summit Treestands Game Cart

Summit Treestands

This game cart features high-quality construction that may offer the strength, portability, and smoothness you want when hunting deer. It can hold game of up to 350 lbs. in weight, which is more than enough for large deer that might weigh about 200 lbs. It features solid rubber wheels and heavy-duty steel construction to make it durable and long-lasting.

The curved handle on this hauler cart makes it easy to roll around deer and other game. It also comes with more straps than other deer carts with three straps to hold in your load. This game cart is ideal for heavy loads through the combination of its excellent wheels, durable steel frame, and innovative construction. This item can be trusted for moving deer, other game, logs, and more.

For extra traction, this deer cart has edged teeth on the bottom so you can quickly move game. It also doesn’t have a weight as high as some other game carts at just over 36 lbs. When you want something that will last, this big game hauler could be the best choice. Through large wheels and a steel frame, it will likely last many years. It’s also compact enough for secure storage when not in use.



Goplus Folding Larger Capacity Deer Game Cart

Goplus Folding

This durable game cart is made of heavy-duty steel for reliability and long life. It offers a folding design so it can more easily be moved from one place to another. The wheels of this cart are of excellent quality and the cart provides a weight capacity of 500 lbs. It offers a handled game cart that might be the best choice for hunting, camping, gardening, and more.

When using one of these choice products, you’ll have a set of three straps to hold deer and other game inside. It works well as a hauler cart for hunters who chase massive game and want a heavy-duty steel cart. The inclusion of solid rubber wheels also ensures you never get a flat while out in the woods. Even those who hunt in adverse conditions will find this one cart can handle it all, even hills and snow.

The wheels on the cart are 17 inches in size and offer an excellent grip to avoid vibrations from hitting bumps. The interior of the game cart is sufficient for a large animal to fit inside, while the extra straps will keep it secure until you reach your destination. All in all, this is a substantial steel cart that can do the job to make sure your deer makes it to your truck.



Muddy the Mule Game Cart

Muddy The Mule

When it comes to the best cart on the market, you likely want something with excellent construction, including things like a steel frame, large wheels, and plenty of straps to hold down game. This deer cart offers all of those things, but you’ll need to purchase the straps separately. This cart weighs only 29 lbs. and is easy to move around while you are hunting.

While using this big game hauler, you’ll have access to large wheels made of a hardened material that can’t go flat. It’s also designed to allow folding so the game cart can be stored somewhere small when not in use. With most deer weighing no more than 200 lbs., the weight the cart can handle is reasonable at 300 lbs. It could be the best choice for a hunter who needs a hauler cart to work in various environments.

Unlike some carts, this one has rubber covered handles to cut down on hand fatigue. It’s designed to offer a high level of balance, so there’s no chance of the game shifting once it’s on the cart. Even those who don’t need a deer cart can use this item for a variety of other hauling activities, including moving large stones, logs, and other things.



Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Steel Hunting Deer Game Cart

Leader Accessories

This deer game cart has a massive weight capacity of 550 lbs. and large, durable wheels to make carting things around a breeze. It offers a polyester base for extra support and a compact frame that you can easily pack up and transport wherever you go. As one of our choice products, it also features straps with two buckles to hold large items in the cart. It’s been used in the past even to carry bears around, which are much larger than most game.

One significant advantage of this model is that it can handle so much weight through its robust construction. It’s also simple to clean since the base is made of fabric, which means there isn’t much maintenance required. This game cart has quality wheels that can quickly move over rough terrain while you are out hunting. Anyone who likes to take on large targets will appreciate how much of a load this deer cart can carry.

The wheels on this deer game cart are puncture-proof and include steel rims, which makes them more durable than other options. One of the things that might be a downfall for some is that the cart has a higher weight than many others at just under 44 lbs. It also could be a bit longer for additional space.



Rivers Edge Sportsman’s Cart

As a potential best cart for hunters, this model can hold a weight of up to 300 lbs. which is large enough for most game you are after. It can quickly spin its wheels to get the game carcass back to your truck without making you do all the work. While it can hold a heavy weight, it only weighs 33 lbs. on its own so it’s not overly cumbersome.

One of the best parts of this cart are the wheels, which are over 18 inches in size. The wheels are steel for durability and reliability, while the tires are made of rubber to avoid flats and punctures. It also comes standard with straps to make it simple to tie down your game when you’re ready to head home. The deer cart can easily be pulled over rocks, sticks, and more for the best experience.

When you aren’t using this cart, it has an innovative folding design that makes it small enough to store nearly anywhere. That means it’s not going to take up much space in your home, truck, or garage. Also, it can be used for more than moving game; it can also be used on the golf course, in your lawn, or wherever else you need to do some hauling.



Guide Gear Deer Cart

Guide Gear Deer Cart

The Guide Gear Deer Cart is an excellent choice for those who need to haul a weight of 300 lbs. or less. It’s durable and made to handle abuse through the steel design of the cart. The body of this game cart is capable of vast amounts of versatility so it can be used for far more than moving game carcasses to your truck. Because of this, you might expect it will last you years after your purchase.

This might be the best cart for those who prefer hunting massive game to taking on smaller animals since nearly anything can be strapped into it. It can handle all kinds of weather and conditions so you can head out on the range whenever you want to take down prey. Individuals who want a long-lasting product that won’t need replacement soon could be well-suited to choose this model.

One of the things that might not be up to par with the cart are the wheels. They are a bit smaller than the wheels on similar models and pins are used instead of screws, which is less efficient. If the pins fall off, it can make the tires come off, which leads to downtime when you want to be hunting. Otherwise, this deer cart is a fantastic option for many people.



Cabela’s Deluxe Game Cart

Cabela's Deluxe Game Cart

The final best deer cart on our list is provided by Cabela’s, known for offering a selection of carts and other choice products. Like many of the top deer carts, this one can handle a weight of up to 500 lbs. In addition to being used to load up game, it can also be used to transport firewood, move treestands into the woods, and more. It makes it easier for a single hunter to move their kills back to their trucks for further transport.

This cart features a deck made of sheet metal with drainage holes, which keeps your load from dragging on the soil or tangling up in the frame. It also includes a U-frame that is high off the ground, so you have the best clearance to make it over rocks, logs, and brush. This frame is made to be collapsible so you can more easily store it and transport it from one place to another.

Cabela offers a wide variety of deer carts and other hunting gear, which makes it an excellent choice to find quality tools. This deer cart is an excellent example of what the brand is capable of when it comes to maximizing your hunting efficiency. It is an excellent choice if it meets your specific deer hunting needs.



Reasons to Consider Buying a Deer Cart

Investing in getting a deer cart is an excellent decision for many people. It can make hunting more manageable and also assist with other hauling needs. If you’ve been wondering why a deer cart might be right for you, some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Transport Game More Easily – It’s tiring to spend all day on a chase only to realize that you need to move the carcass back to your truck. It can add much frustration to what might have otherwise been an exciting day. With a cart, you can put in the load and pull it wherever you need to go to save energy.
  • Goes Anywhere You Need – Trucks, four-wheelers, and bicycles can’t go off into a heavily wooded area where you want to shoot game. That’s why a cart is there, to make the trek from the vehicle to the animals easier on the way back. Since carts are narrow and lightweight, you can add it to your hunting gear and carry it wherever you’re going.
  • Helps Carry Your Gear – While the cart can take a deer back to the truck, it can also carry your gear to your favorite hunting spot. This makes it easier to get everything to the space you want without getting tired. All that saved energy can be used on actual hunting.

Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Deer Cart

An initial question that many have about deer carts is what makes them different from each other. These carts can be unique in terms of the frame, the build, the construction, and other features. Also, individual carts will have varying weight capacities, so some can handle larger game than others. The actual weight of the cart will also factor into things.

Top Features of the Best Cart for Hunting

Since all carts are different, some of them are going to do a better job at certain things than others. While there are tons of features to consider, a few of them are present in most of our favorite carts. These include:

  • Weight – How much the cart weighs is essential when it comes to hunting ease. A more massive model is going to harder to move through the forest. However, lighter models can be challenging to get around rough trails and terrain.
  • Transport Ability – It’s also essential to think about transport. If you choose a cart that is hard to move, it’s going to be a challenge to get game back to your truck. As such, it’s crucial to choose a light frame on a cart that offers smooth movement.
  • Number of Straps – Some carts come with no straps, others have one, and some have several. Since you want your chosen products to handle game easily, safety straps help secure a carcass until you get where you are going. Having one strap is a good idea, but more can be even better.
  • Capacity – The cart weight matters, but so does how much it can carry around. You want to choose a model that can handle the weight of the game you typically hunt. This lets you hunt small and large game without any concerns.

What to Look for in Your Next Deer Cart

We’ve looked at a few of the most critical aspects of game carts, but you’ll want to consider a few more before you make a purchase. Taking time to look at the options and what they offer will ensure you get a good value and a tool you can use for years to come.


Sturdy wheels are an essential part of any cart since it determines how well the tool will go across rough terrain and how steady your load will be. The wheel spokes should be strong enough that they can handle going over rocks, sticks, and other debris you come across while hunting. It’s also a good idea to choose components that have no noise so you do not spook any wildlife. Many hunters also appreciate wheels without an odor.

Construction and Frame

After the wheels, the frame and construction are the most important things to pay attention to. The build and material used in the cart will have an impact on how well it works. Many of the manufacturers on the market will use either steel or aluminum, both of which are known for being lightweight with adequate durability. Most of the time, an aluminum version is going to be less expensive, but the steel model will last longer.

Assembly and Simplicity of Use

The best cart to choose is going to be one that doesn’t take a significant amount of time to put together. Most people don’t want to spend ages poring over instruction manuals, so consider that during your search. Once the assembly is done, you’ll also probably want a cart that is simple to use. This makes it easier to add the tool to your hunting routine without having to mix anything up or make changes.

Compact Nature

You may have already noticed that most of the carts on our list are created to be very compact. Many of them can be folded up or otherwise altered so they take up less space when you aren’t using them. We recommend choosing a model with this capability since it will make it simpler to transport and store when you aren’t hunting. You can find somewhere small to hide the cart when you aren’t going to bed outdoors.


As with any purchase you make, considering your budget is a must before you make a final decision. Searching the market should be done after you have worked out how much money you want to spend, whether that’s on a cart or a radio or a car. The good news is that you can often find inexpensive carts that have many top features that offer what you need. Moving up in price will just give you a better selection and additional features to choose from.

Wrapping Up

The right deer cart for you might not be the same as it is for the next person, but some carts go above and beyond. Remember to take into account your personal needs and preferences when you select a tool to help with your hunting. However, we believe the best option on this list is the Guide Gear Deer Cart. It carries plenty of weight, is easy to move around, and has top features you want.

Once you decide which cart is right for you, you can start the purchase, and soon you’ll have an easier time hunting each time you head out. It might be surprising how useful a cart can be!

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