8 Best Hunting Arrows for 2022

best hunting arrows

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When you are heading out to hunt, you need to have all of the proper equipment and gear with you to help make the trip as successful as possible. You need to be sure you have a reliable bow, comfortable clothing, a trustworthy knife or two, and, of course, you need to have the best hunting arrows you can find. After all, if you do not have quality hunting arrows, they are not going to be able to take down your prey. In fact, you will find that choosing your hunting arrows should involve as much care and deliberation as choosing your bow.
To make choosing quality arrows a bit easier for you, we’ve gathered up some of the top options on the market today. Below, you will find eight hunting arrows of varying types that can work quite well for your next hunt.

Top Arrows for Bowhunters and Archers: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

 NameNumber of Arrows IncludedLengths 
Carbon ExpressCarbon Express Maxima RED6 arrows26” to 32”CHECK LATEST PRICE
MS Jumpper ArcheryMS Jumpper Carbon Arrows6 arrows28” to 31”CHECK LATEST PRICE
Tiger ArcheryTiger Archery Carbon Arrow12 arrows30”CHECK LATEST PRICE
PANDARUS 30PANDARUS Archery Pure Carbon Hunting Arrows12 arrows26” to 32”CHECK LATEST PRICE
Carbon ExpressCarbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt6 arrows20” and 22”CHECK LATEST PRICE
PANDARUS ArcheryPANDARUS Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows with Turkey Fletching6 arrows or 12 arrows depending on pack chosen31”CHECK LATEST PRICE
REEGOX ArcheryREEGOX Archery Arrows12 arrows30”CHECK LATEST PRICE
Pointdo 30inchPointdo Carbon Arrow6 arrows or 12 arrows depending on pack chosen30”CHECK LATEST PRICE

Carbon Express Maxima RED

Carbon Express

The Carbon Express Maxima RED arrows are often considered some of the best hunting arrows available today. They have a number of benefits that will serve the hunter well in the field, and they can even make for good training arrows. The arrows come in a pack of six, and all of them feature Launchpad Precision Nocks, which are helpful in providing the hunter with a more controlled arrow release. This is very helpful for those who are out in the field and hunting. This will also help to provide more consistency with your shots.

These arrows also feature a Dynamic Spine and patented carbon material construction that can help to make the arrows fly as true as possible when you are using broadheads. The arrows are extremely straight, which can allow for very accurate shots.

Hunters will be able to choose from two different options with these arrows. The 250, which has a .295” diameter and the 350, which has a .300” diameter. You can find arrows that will work from bows with a draw weight of 40 lbs. all the way to 92 lbs. These arrows are a quality option for hunters thanks to their reliability and their accuracy.

MS Jumpper

MS Jumpper Archery

These arrows from MS Jumpper are also made from carbon fiber and will work quite well for many of the hunters out there. One of the things that help to set these arrows apart from others is that the fletching is made from actual features. Each of these arrows features two black and one red feather, all of which are four inches long.

With these arrows, you will find that they include a 100-grain stainless steel tip, which could be used for hunting or for target practice. Those tips do not come attached, and you can always choose to use your own tips, such as broadheads if you prefer. Often, it will depend on what it is you are hunting.

The diameter of the shaft is .291” for these arrows, which will work well for both hunting and for target practice. The arrows are for a draw weight of up to 65 lbs. They are a good option for traditional bows, as well as for longbows, compound bows, and recurve bows. The high-quality nocks, the straightness of the arrow, and the cost-effectiveness they can offer help to make them a very popular option for many bowhunters out there.

Tiger Archery Carbon Arrow

Tiger Archery

With this option from Tiger Archery, hunters will find another quality arrow option for their hunting excursions. These arrows have a .309” diameter and they are made for a draw weight of between 40 lbs. and 60 lbs. They will work well for longbows, recurve bows, and compound bows alike.

Made from carbon, they are a durable and well-made option that can last for a long time when used for either hunting or archery practice. Buyers will find two options for the colors of the arrows, as well. There are black and white arrows available, as well as black and orange. The arrows also feature an O-ring, which can help to reduce the problems of loose tips that some arrows might get after a while.

The nocks for these arrows are not glued in place, so they can be removed and refitted with different nocks if you prefer them for your bow. The arrows come with nickel-plated stainless steel tips that can work well for target practice. They are easily removed and placed with other arrowheads when you want to head out to hunt some game.

These work well, and you will find that this package can provide you with 12 arrows, which help to make them a good and affordable option.

PANDARUS Pure Carbon Hunting Arrows


The arrows are available in several different spine sizes – 350, 400, and 500. The package comes with 12 arrows and six nocks for free. They will work very well for compound and recurve bows with draw weights from 25 lbs. to 74 lbs. The arrows come with screw on field points, which can be used for target practice and hunting some game. They can be removed and replaced with your own arrowheads quickly and easily. The vanes on the arrows are 3” long.

One of the advantages of using these arrows is the fact that it features ribs that can channel the air vortex to help make the arrow fly more efficiently. The material of the arrows is high-quality all around, and they have been shown to be a very affordable and durable option for hunters. The nocks on the arrows can be removed and replaced if needed and if you find that you have a preference for different types of nocks.

Because the arrows come with field points, they can make for an excellent practice arrow, as well. Training with the same types of arrows that you will be hunting with can provide you with some improved consistency, which can help in the hunt.

Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Carbon Express

One of the first things that you will want to note about this option is that these are specifically crossbow bolts rather than arrows for a traditional type of bow. It is a relatively heavy bolt at 442 grans. It features fletching with 4” vanes and a .348” diameter. The size of the bolt and the power provided from a crossbow can provide substantial penetration and knock-down power. This means it should be easier to take down larger game with these arrows.

The arrows have been precision-made to be nice and straight, so you can be sure they are consistent from one bolt to the next. The six arrows that come in the pack will also feature six universal flat nocks.

If you are a crossbow hunter and you are going after larger game, you need to be sure that you are choosing some quality bolts that will be able to take the animal down quickly. These are a high-quality, reliable choice that could be exactly what you have been hoping to find for that added power and accuracy you need.

PANDARUS Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows with Turkey Fletching


These arrows are available in several different sizes. You can find 350 and 500 options available with these carbon arrows. One of the first things that you are likely to notice with this option is that the fletching features actual turkey feathers, which are 4” long. These arrows tend to be a good option for recurve and traditional bows that have between a 35 lb. draw and a 50 lb. draw.

These quality arrows have a wood camo brown shaft and black nocks. The turkey feathers are brown, as well. Whether they are used for target practice or hunting, these arrows can blend in with the woodland very well. Always make sure you are watching where they are flying, as they will not be as easy to find as arrows of different colors.

The durable arrows come with 100-grain screw-in field points, which are replaceable. You can easily add broadheads or whatever your arrowhead of choice might be. They are a good option for those who want to have quality practice and hunting arrows thanks to the durability that the carbon can provide. They fly straight and true, and they have a very natural look and feel to them thanks to the color and the actual feathers.

REEGOX Archery Arrows

REEGOX Archery

These composite arrows are both economical and durable, making them a popular choice for those hunters who are looking for a quality option. The arrows offered are 30” long, and they can work just as well for those who are out target shooting as they will for those who are out hunting. The arrows can work well for the draw length most recurve, compound, and longbows. They should be used with bows that have a draw weight of r 30 lbs. to 45 lbs.

You will also notice that the arrows from this company have a number of different varieties available, all of which are the same length and that have the same benefits mentioned above. You could choose from the carbon composite arrows that are red and black or that are red and orange. You can also choose from arrows that have 4” turkey feathers rather than plastic vanes. A pack of blue and black fiberglass arrows is available, as well.

Regardless, you will find that they tend to be high-quality overall, and they have easy to replace tips. They come with 100-grain field point tips, which are great for practice. The arrows also feature press-in nocks, which can be replaced if you have another option that you prefer.

Pointdo Carbon Arrow

Pointdo 30inch

The shaft for the arrows is .307”, and you will find that they can work well for compound bows and recurve bows that have a draw weight between 25 lbs. and 60 lbs. As you can see, they will work quite well for most bows that are being used today.

One of the nice benefits of these arrows is the fact that the shaft and the fletching are fluorescent. There are red and white vanes, which will make the arrows easy to find after you have fired them. This is helpful whether you are training or you are out hunting. Spending most of your time hunting for arrows rather than game is never fun.

The arrows come with a set of six nocks, which are not glued into place. This means that you can adjust them as needed. In addition, the arrows come with an O-ring that can help to lock the tip of the arrow into place. The arrows are well-made and durable and can be a nice solution for those who are looking for good practice and hunting arrows.

Choosing the Right Arrow Is Important

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who do not truly understand just how important it is to have the right arrows. This is true whether you are just out in the backyard practicing or you are preparing for a big hunt. The arrows can make all of the difference in the world. By the time most new archers have picked out their bow and gotten all of their other gear, they are already overwhelmed by all of the choices they had and the decisions they’ve already made. There is a lot that needs to go into the decisions that you will end up making.

When they realize that arrows are not all the same and they will have to make more choices, many people do not know what to pick. They might still believe that an arrow is an arrow, and it won’t really make much of a difference which one you pick. That is going to cause some serious problems when you are out hunting, though.

You want your bow to shoot well and you want your arrows to fly straight. If you don’t have arrows that are the right length for your bow’s draw length, they are not going to sit properly on the rest. If they are too short, you may not be able to draw the bow back all the way without it falling entirely off the rest. If they are too long, you will have problems, as well.

There is also the danger of having a bow that has a high draw weight and is very powerful. If your arrows are not rated to be able to stand up to that draw weight, they are going to be flying very fast. This might sound great, but it means there is a chance that they could shatter on impact. That’s the last thing you need whether you are on a hunting trip or practicing at the range.

If you do not have the right arrows, you are simply not going to be as accurate or as effective as you hope to be when you are hunting. Even target practice is going to be difficult. Without the right arrows, the possibility of having a successful hunt diminishes greatly, which is the last thing you need.

One of the other things that you might want to consider is the color of the shaft and the fletching. Those that have a natural color or a camo color can look great and they can work well with your overall aesthetic. However, they can also be more difficult to find after you have shot them. Consider whether you want to have some arrows that will contrast better against the ground.

You should also think about the fletching that is used. Above, you have options for feathers, as well as vanes. Feathers look great and they are a traditional option, and they can work well for most types of bows, particularly longbows and recurve bows. They will be able to pass your hand without being knocked off course, as well. The vanes are a modern option, and they can provide better overall consistency than feathers. However, they will require specialized rests that will allow the vents to pass without getting pushed off course. Ultimately, the one you choose will be up to the bow and rest you have and your personal preferences.

Take the time to make sure that you are getting the right arrows for your bows and your hunting purposes. While you are at it, make sure you are getting the right arrowheads, as well.

Be Sure to Get the Right Arrowheads

The arrows are certainly important, but if you are going to be hunting with your bow, you also need to think about the arrowheads that you will be using. Most of the arrows today will come with field points or bullet points, which can be used for target practice, and for hunting some smaller game. The bullet point heads work well for small game, as do blunt point arrows. The bullet points can still penetrate, while the blunt points kill the animal through the impact and the blunt force impacts.

arrows for huntingField point arrows, already mentioned, can work well for many types of small game. These are also popular for hunters who are practicing because the weight that they have is similar to broadheads. This will make the transition easier. They will know exactly how and where the arrow should go when they fire it from the bow.

The broadhead arrowheads will include razor-sharp steel blades along the sides, which will tear into the flesh of the animal you are hunting to help put it down quickly and as humanely as possible. These arrows with blades on theme have varying shapes and styles, including incurvate heads, inward recurvates, outward recurvates, straight, and serrated options.

Some of the other types of arrowheads include fish point arrows for bowfishing and JUDO point arrows, that have spring arms attached to the arrowhead. These are often used for small game, and the spring arms actually make them a bit easier to find.

Something that you will want to keep in mind when you are choosing your arrowheads will be the laws in your area. Some states may have laws regarding whether certain types of arrowheads can be used and how they can be used. Pay attention to the laws, so you do not have an unwelcome visit from a game warden.

Why Are Carbon Arrows So Popular?

You will have noticed that most of the arrows that are on the list above are made from carbon. There is only one option that’s made from fiberglass. So, you might be wondering why carbon has become such a popular option for arrows. You will find that carbon arrows actually have quite a few benefits to them, which makes them a good option.

These arrows tend to be highly durable and are able to stand up to a wide range of different conditions. They can take a substantial amount of punishment and they can still work well and shoot straight. In fact, the consistent straightness is one of the other big reasons that they are as popular as they are. The shafts from the above options are straight and they are going to fire easily and end up where you want them to go. With quality carbon arrows, you will not have to worry about curvature as much. If an arrow has even a slight curve to it, you will find that it is no longer accurate. Carbon helps to reduce this problem.

The carbon arrows tend to have a faster recovery from flexing that happens when the arrow is initially released. This can help to make the tuning of the bow easier since a single-size carbon arrow will be able to tune for a much wider draw weight and arrow length than what is found with aluminum arrows and other options.

Carbon arrows leave the bow fast, and they are able to penetrate deeply into the target. They even tend to work well when there is wind. Combine all of these benefits with the fact that the carbon shafts tend to be quite affordable and it becomes much easier to see just why these have become as popular as they have in recent years. The materials used for the nocks and the vanes have improved, as well, which has helped to provide better overall arrows.

Taking Good Care of Your Arrows

Although carbon arrows will be a good option because of their durability, that does not mean that you are going to want to abuse them. You should always make sure you are taking good care of your arrows, as this will help them to last longer. Fortunately, to do not need to do too much to take good care of the arrows just as you do your bow. Here are some simple tips.

Keep the arrows inside and out of the elements. Even though the carbon shafts might be fine, if you have metal tips, they could rust. You should also make sure that you do not have anything sitting on the arrows that could cause them to bend. Even though the carbon arrows are durable, they could still be damaged. Keep them in a quality quiver that will ensure they remain straight and safe. They are just as important as your bow despite not costing nearly as much.

You should also give each of the arrows a brief inspection to make sure that the tips and the nocks are solidly in place, that there are no issues with the vanes or feathers, and that the arrow is straight before you shoot it. Do this before you head out on each hunt and before you practice. Get into the habit of check the arrows before you start your day, and you will not be surprised by a bad arrow that you pull later in the day.

You will find that a little bit of care and attention paid to your arrows will help to ensure a better hunt. Make sure your broadheads are sharp and your arrows are straight.

Find What You Need

By now, you should have a better idea of what the top options for hunting arrows are, as well as a line on some top-quality crossbow bolts from Carbon Express. Make it a point to find the arrows that you believe will work best for your bow, along with some quality heads/tips that will work well for the game you are hunting. Find what you need today and make your hunting season a real success.

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