are deer dangerous to dogs

Are Deer Dangerous to Dogs?

Many property owners stay vigilant when it comes to deer because of a concern that their dog will be attacked. However, which of these animals is the aggressor when it comes to a potential exchange? Normally, deer are not aggressive animals. They are not predators, so naturally, they have no reason to be aggressive towards …

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deer anatomy

Deer Anatomy 101: Ultimate Guide

Hunting isn’t only a fulfilling sport for riflemen who partake in the hunt for the trophy; it’s also an efficient way to provide food for your family. Many civilizations that have occupied our continent have relied on herds of deer to provide nourishment for their loved ones. One particular civilization, the Native American Indian tribes, …

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can deer eat bread

Can Deer Eat Bread?

Many non-hunters and property owners enjoy feeding deer during the fall and winter seasons when many herds move. It’s not uncommon for these deer-loving homeowners to leave buckets of various food to lure deer into the backyard for an up-close experience with them.  While there’s nothing wrong with this practice, it’s important to understand what …

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what do deer like to eat

What Do Deer Like to Eat?

What do deer like to eat? Deer eat a variety of different foods in the wild. Whether you’re feeding deer or hunting, it’s important to understand what their diet consists of. When white tailed deer feed in the wild, their diet consists of leafy plant matter, fruits, and other organisms found in the woods. Enthusiasts will …

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can you kill a deer with a 22

Can You Kill a Deer With a 22?

Many new hunters ask the question, “can a 22 kill a deer in most states?” A .22 is a specific caliber of rifle used in certain varieties of hunting and target shooting at normal hunting ranges. Honestly, it is possible to kill a deer with a .22. However, it’s not recommended for the average marksman, …

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how high can deer jump

How High Can Deer Jump?

Deer are incredible, majestic creatures who show their instincts, thoughts, and behavioral patterns through an intricate body language system. If you have observed deer in the natural world (maybe you live in a forested area) or if you are a hunter, one of the coolest things that you may have seen a deer do is …

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