Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review

The Barnett Jackal Crossbow is a quality option that provides durability and safety for hunters and archers all in a lightweight package.  4.7/5 Overall Score Let’s first take a quick look at the biggest pros and cons of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow. This can provide you with a snapshot of what the crossbow offers

Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Review

The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 is a highly accurate and lightweight crossbow that is also quite durable. The bow has a range of features making it a good choice for hunters.  4.7/5 Overall Score Before getting into the full Wicked Ridge Invader G3 review, check out some of the major pros and cons associated

best hunting binoculars

Top 11 Best Hunting Binoculars for 2020

Anyone who is involved in hunting will tell you that it requires a reasonable amount of skill and plenty of patience, but having excellent vision is also a necessity. In fact, other than your weapon of choice for hunting, binoculars are your best tool for getting the results you want. However, since many binoculars have

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Review

The lightweight, durable CenterPoint Sniper 370 provides a range of features and accessories ideal for hunters and archers.  4.7/5 Overall Score Pros Before getting into the meat of the review, let’s look at the biggest pros and cons of the CenterPoint Sniper 370. Lightweight and compact Includes a range of accessories High velocity Adjustable

best hunting boots

Top 11 Best Hunting Boots for 2020

Hunting is a sport that has been around for ages but got its start as a leisure pastime in the 1800s as more people moved into cities and out of rural locations. Times have changed since then, and hunting has adapted to the modern world as a pastime that is still enjoyed around the world.

best hunting gps

Top 8 Best Hunting GPS for 2020

Hunting is challenging, and you must be able to find the best quality tools that can help you when you are out in the forests, fields, and mountains. Owning and knowing how to use the best handheld GPS is a smart decision that can serve you very well when you are out on a hunting

best pistol crossbow

Top 7 Best Pistol Crossbows for 2020

Pistol crossbows go by many different names, including crossbow handguns, hand crossbows, and mini crossbows. However, they all refer to the same types of devices. These crossbows are fun to use to shoot targets, they tend to be very affordable, and they can even be used for hunting small game depending on the regulations where

best deer feeder

Top 7 Best Deer Feeders for 2020

Deer feeders, which are legal in many states, can be a huge benefit to hunters. The concept of the deer feeder is not dissimilar to looking for a deer’s natural food sources and hunting in those locations. The main difference is that the deer feeder can be placed on your land, or land that you

best predator calls

Top 7 Best Predator Calls for 2020

The tools and products used for hunting have adapted and changed over the years, but the basics remain the same. An excellent example of that is when you’re outside hunting a predator, whether that’s a coyote, a cougar, or a bobcat. These animals tend to take off as soon as they see a rifle. However,

best crossbow bolts

Top 6 Best Crossbow Bolts for 2020

A crossbow bolt (which is also known as an arrow) is the shaft of the projectile that leaves your bow to hit the target. In order to go out hunting and succeed at it, acquiring a high-quality set of the best crossbow bolts on the market is essential. The problem is that there are so

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