best combat boots

Top 10 Combat Boots for 2020

The best combat boots, also known as military boots, are much more than just a simple fashion trend. These boots need to offer durability and be capable of getting you through a long day of marching, walking, or standing. The best army combat boots come in many models and offer a larger variety of features.

best gas mask

Top 9 Best Gas Masks for 2020

When you need the best gas mask or air-purifying respirator, you want to be sure that it can protect you in a worst-case scenario. Pretty much everyone can benefit from owning a mask in case of a survival situation. All of us need clean air in order to live and gas masks can offer that

best bear spray

Top 5 Best Bear Sprays for 2020

If you are planning a hiking or camping trip into the wilderness, having the proper equipment is crucial. One of the items that you should never go without is a can of the best bear spray on the market for 2020. Experts agree that bear spray is more useful than even a gun when you

best radiation detector

Top 9 Best Radiation Detectors for 2020

The best radiation detector does more than tell you that radiation is present. It can detect nuclear environments, show where radiation comes from, and more. If you want to be prepared for any situation you end up in, knowing how to use the best radiation detector is crucial. The top radiation detection device can help

best machete

Top 11 Best Machetes for 2020

Machetes might have developed an undeserved bad reputation in 80s horror films, but they actually happen to be one of the most helpful and versatile tools you can have in our collection. Machetes can be helpful whether they are used when you are camping, as a bushcraft and survival tool, or just cleaning up the

best folding saw

Top 8 Best Folding Saws of 2020

A folding saw can make a huge difference for those who are out camping and those who are in need of a quality survival tool. Many different camping saws are on the market today, and that is where a lot of confusion arises. Those who are searching for the best folding saw are faced with

best survival backpack

Top 11 Best Survival Backpacks for 2020

Whether you like to go hunting, enjoy hiking, do a lot of traveling, or simply want to be prepared for a potential emergency, the first thing you want to own is the best emergency backpack you can get your hands on. This is also often called a bug out bag by survivalists and emergency preppers.

best tactical pants

Top 12 Best Tactical Pants for 2020

The right clothing is essential to performance and safety in the field, whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail or sheltering in place during an urban disaster. These pants offer durability, breathability, comfort, and even the ability to carry additional equipment within specially designed cargo pockets. Of course, not all tactical pants are created equal. It’s

best tomahawk

Top 12 Tomahawks for 2020

When people think of being out in the wilderness and trying to survive, or even if they are just out camping and hunting, they don’t always think about having a tactical tomahawk along with them. In fact, there are likely many out there who have no idea what a tactical tomahawk is or how to

best hachet

Top 11 Hatchets for 2020

Hatchets, sometimes called a camp axe or a hand axe, should be considered an essential part of a person’s camping gear. In fact, even those who might simply be going out on just a day hike might want to consider getting a quality hatchet to take along with them, just in case they end up

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